Google Image Poems

These works are each made by searching for images via google. The keywords used in each search are the corresponding titles for each "image poem". Each poem is taken from a single row as they appear on the google image search.

This work aims to consider what conceptual connections are being made through the algorithmic mechanisms of Google’s searches. In the millions of Google searches; what words are being connected to certain images and what images are being connected to each other through Google’s cultural machine? What is troubling about this? What can we do about this?

A Monument To God Real Fear I

A Monument To God Real Fear II

A Monument To God Real Fear III

A Subject Signifying Nothing I

A Subject Signifying Nothing II

Crush May Fire Nothing Fast I

Fire and Bird and Blood

The Doldrums Are Eating Me

Those Who Die Unbaptised I

Those Who Die Unbaptised II

Those Who Die Unbaptised III